About the construct of this site

Please be patient. Though I have qualifications as a website designer I am more comfortable with print. I found this clean uncluttered template and I will build upon this. It does seem to have the best of the web and print aesthetics built into it.

My ambition for this site is for it to be a place of good images and ideas. I hope I can give this site an open and inviting feeling.

I am very happy working with this font, the colour and weight I find aesthetically correct, open and appealingly easy on my eyes (I hope you do also).

I the coming weeks and months I will be populating this site with work that I generate for others as well from myself. There will be showcase and there will be process work to share. I will also include the work and ideas of people whom I feel special in my own continuing journey.

I think photography is a science. I think photography is a craft. I think photography is an art-form. I think photography has the characteristics of language.

What does one see and how can one share to understand.

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